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    2020 Swim Lessons

    Swim Lessons 2021

    2021 Lesson information is coming

    Summer Group Lessons – Cost $100 for GACC members and $120 for non-members

    Session 1: 

    Session 2: 

    Session 3: 

    Session 4: 

    Private Lessons

    Private lessons are available outside of normal session times. If you would like private lessons please contact us at glenallengliders@gmail.com or indicate so on the online form.

    Private lessons rates are $120 for members and $140 for non-members for four 30 minute lessons.

    Lesson Levels

    Beginner• Getting face wet with and without the instructor
    • Blowing bubbles
    • Underwater dip (full immersion)
    • Pushes from side to instructor and back
    • Kickboard skills assisted
    • Puts face in water to recover object from shallow water
  • Kicking on back assisted
    • Repetitive bubble blowing and breathing (on side and on kickboard)
    • Single arm freestyle stroke with kickboard (assisted)
    • Back float assisted
    • Deep water jumps off of side of pool
    • Retrieval of object 3 feet underwater
  • Water safety skills
  • Intermediate
  • All beginner level skills
  • Independent kickboard skills
    • Retrieval of object from bottom of pool (4-5 foot depth)
  • Streamline to and from wall assisted
    • Single arm catch-up freestyle with and without kickboard
    • Jumping into deep water from starting block and diving board
    • Kicking on back with arms at side
    • Backstroke drills
    • Introduction to diving from the side
  • Water safety skills
  • Advanced
  • All intermediate skills
  • Basic instruction in all four competitive strokes
  • Emphasis on diving from the side of the pool and the starting block
  • Additional emphasis on increased stamina in freestyle and backstroke
  • •Water safety skills

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