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    2022 Swim Lessons

    The Gliders are excited to offer both individual and group swim lessons again this year. We offer a set of 8 group lessons taught over two week periods throughout the summer. We also offer private lessons, which are scheduled based on mutual availability of swimmer and instructor.

    Our private lessons are being offered starting as early as Monday, May 23rd, the week before the pool opens to the full membership! The first session of group lessons start June 6th.

    Children must be at least 3 years old and completely potty trained. No swim diapers allowed.

    Details about times, costs and a link to registration is below!

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    Group Lesson Schedule

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    Lessons are now over for Summer 2022. Thank you all!


    GACC Members
    Group Lessons
    (Eight 30 minute lessons) 
    Private Lessons
    (Four 30 minute lessons)
    $120 *Can begin on May 23rd.

    Lesson Levels

    • Getting face wet with and without the instructor
    • Blowing bubbles
    • Underwater dip (full immersion)
    • Pushes from side to instructor and back
    • Kickboard skills assisted
    • Puts face in water to recover object from shallow water
  • Kicking on back assisted
    • Repetitive bubble blowing and breathing (on side and on kickboard)
    • Single arm freestyle stroke with kickboard (assisted)
    • Back float assisted
    • Deep water jumps off of side of pool
    • Retrieval of object 3 feet underwater
  • Water safety skills
  • Intermediate
  • All beginner level skills
  • Independent kickboard skills
    • Retrieval of object from bottom of pool (4-5 foot depth)
  • Streamline to and from wall assisted
    • Single arm catch-up freestyle with and without kickboard
    • Jumping into deep water from starting block and diving board
    • Kicking on back with arms at side
    • Backstroke drills
    • Introduction to diving from the side
  • Water safety skills
  • Advanced
  • All intermediate skills
  • Basic instruction in all four competitive strokes
  • Emphasis on diving from the side of the pool and the starting block
  • Additional emphasis on increased stamina in freestyle and backstroke
  • •Water safety skills

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